The Internet of Things (IoT) is fuelling innovation in nearly every part of our lives. Simply connecting the “things” that were never connected before is leading to new data insights that translate into meaningful change. With the potential of billions of new connected things bringing a tidal wave of new data, businesses want a better grasp of expected ROI, cost, and scalability, while IT managers struggle with integration, interoperability, and management concerns. Our objective is to provide our engineering community and suppliers a path to their solutions.

We offer IoT platforms as in the form of IoT middleware, which function as a mediator between the hardware and application layers. Its primary tasks includes data collection from devices over different protocols and network topologies, remote device configuration and control, device management, and over-the-air firmware updates.

To be used in real-life heterogeneous IoT ecosystems, IoT middleware is expected to support integration with almost any connected device and blend in with third-party applications used by that particular device. This independence from the underlying hardware and overhanging software allows a single IoT platform to manage any kind of connected device in the same straightforward way.