At FGV Prodata, we believe that people are the fundamental factor in contributing and building success in any organization. Therefore, investment on people by elevating their competency level is always a good investment. Hence empowering possibility in creating a knowledgeable community that is resourceful, competitive and productive is very important to an organization. With that in mind, we devise our focus on providing high-quality and at-the-edge IT training solutions to our customers.

We offer competency-based technical training that gives every individual the best returns in their learning investments. We empower ourselves to establish trusted and long-term partnerships with our clients. We continue to transform ourselves through strengthening our portfolio by consistently determining how we can contribute measurable value and assistance towards our clients’ success.

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Our Solutions


Our classroom-based courses help you to improve efficiency with easy to understand training manual, plenty of hands-on exercises for each module involved, conducive and relevant training facilities and environment. We design training modules to get you engaged in real situations, so the skills learned can be applied to your daily task or scenarios.

We also provide customized training to fulfill your needs, whether you are looking to expand your Microsoft Office skills for personal use or working towards career advancement. With combination of Microsoft Office application and Soft Skills courses, these blended program can guarantee you to acquire double knowledge and skills at one time. Equip yourself with IT and soft skills that you need to become a complete professional at work.

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Campus Management Solution is a cloud-based integral enabler of the high quality delivery of education-environment services that allow you to transform academic delivery, participant or student success and operational efficiency on your terms. Get the best practices used in the process for transforming institutions for growth and long-term success.

Below is the complete list of modules in our solution.

Our offering is different from other solutions available in the market. Its user-friendly interface and features are ready for automating tedious and repetitive process to improve efficiency and accuracy, empowering all levels to achieve operational effectiveness, providing insights and details for decision making, and building digital education environment.

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We provide a cloud-based learning solution with resources from an award-winning content that able to meet employees’ demand for an increased transfer of learning to job performance.

Our learning solution has over 45 million users and content provided is accessed more than 130 million times every month. With this library and these modalities, this solution offers unrivalled access to the largest and most comprehensive set of corporate training assets in the world.

This solution also comes with online learning platform that delivers an immersive learning experience. It leverages highly engaging content, curated into over 500 learning paths that are continuously updated to ensure you always have access to the latest information. Learners can decide when, where, and how to learn through channels and micro-learning videos.

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More training centers nationwide currently offer technical education and vocational training. This trend shows that a large number of skilled workforce are in demand because they are needed to make Malaysia a developed nation. This skill course program is capable of producing students with right skills to fill the job market exclusively in the technical and other industries.

The Skills Certification Programme is recognised by government and industry sectors in Malaysia. It provides an attractive career path and personal growth opportunity for participants. Also, it is able to produce skilled workers who are trained and qualified to enhance the competiveness of local industries in the global market.

We provide a pool of experienced trainers who are certified instructors and industry expert in line with skills program. Our trainers possess the Advanced Diploma Skills Malaysia (DLKM) Level 5 for category Computer System and Diploma in Skills Malaysia (DKM) Level 4 for category Multimedia production.

For more information on certification structure and career pathway in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) section of Skills Certification Programme under Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), call us at 03 2789 1008 (Nurani)


This powerful content delivery has the potential to transform your organization, through innovative and effective online learning. Think about the content of learning objectives and activities that have the biggest impact on your audience and business. From there, we will create solutions that fit your budget and meet your deadline. Let us know about your requirement, content and targeted output.

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