Prodata in Defense Industry

FGV Prodata has been serving the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) for more than 20 years by providing ICT equipment and maintenance services through several central-contract awarded to FGV Prodata since 1998.

In 2017, FGV Prodata has strengthen and upgrade its offering to the MINDEF from ICT supply and services to defense systems solution that include surveillance and detection systems, command and control systems, and cyber-security solutions.

Prodata traction’s on Defense and Security Industry

Penetrating into seasoned and niche defense market was not easy. Focus, resilient, and consistent throughout the long cycle was worthwhile, FGV Prodata awarded with Digital Forensics solutions contract by the Royal Malaysian Police (2017-2019). Shortly after that, FGV Prodata won another contract of Integrated Command & Control System (ICCS) by the Ministry of Defense (2019-2021).

FGV Prodata has gain traction, start sprinting, and on its mission to become significant defense and security player. Latest initiative by FGV Prodata is to explore defense mission critical system, which is Combat Management System (CMS) for Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and Network Centric Operations (NCO) for Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF).

Prodata on Defense Stage

Prodata has successfully penetrate into Defense industry by winning a high profile defense command and control named Integrated Command & Control System (ICCS) and at the same time participate competitively in the bidding of the recent Military Command and control project named Network Centric Operations (NCO), which expected to be awarded this year.

With such branding and exposure, we have been invited to share our knowledge and experience in reputable platform such as network centric operation forum organized by MINDEF on June 2019 which attended by the ARMY,RMN, and RMAF.