Automating Plantation Processes

In an increasingly competitive global-agribusiness market, maintaining sustainable production efficiency is a competitive advantage. FGV Prodata Plantation Business Solutions are designed to automate plantation operational processes to enhance efficiency, improve control and streamline costs by providing management the actionable insights into operation, production and expenditures easily and quickly.

End-to-End Plantation Business Solution


Estate Management


Prodata’s iEMS is a web-based plantation management computing solution comprising of 4 prime system (Corporate, Estate, Platform, Lite) that integrates end-to-end plantation process [Field Operations] and Accounting Transaction. Information flows seamlessly in Real-Time from Collection Platform up to Top Management with the ability to be accessed anywhere and anytime. It also features the ability to integrate with various other systems li ke SAP.

This advanced computing solution will maximize Management Standard & Quality, Monitoring & Control, Productivity & Production, and Resource Efficiency [Labor, Machines, Materials] while minimizing Disorderly Data Management, Fraud and Procedure Manipulation, Costs and Expenses, and Practices.

Mills Automation


Boost your profits without compromising safety or efficiency with our solutions for the Mills & Bulking industry. FGV Prodata’s Palm Oil Mill Integrated System (POMIS) uses state-of-the-art palm oil mills automation concepts available from various industries which enables mills to achieve its rated capacity consistently. It provides better overall plant supervision and control with the installation of operational control and monitoring system.

Reduce inventory with greater visibility into supply and demand. Accelerate order configuration processes for more timely deliveries. And reduce carbon output to lower your energy consumption. You’ll also gain the insights you need to make better, faster decisions and meet change with agility.

Supply Chain Logistics


One of the most important aspects of the entire supply chain management is logistics. Unless this is smooth and risk free, it is difficult to maintain the production and sales cycle which in turn impacts the business adversely.

Outsourcing brings in prosperity and in order to perform well potentially, good logistic services are needed. This will improve your value in the market and get you better recognition among potential customers. Logistic services help you to deliver efficiently and collect goods on a large scale.

FGV Prodata is here to help you handle multiple clients’ demands with ease. Our Logistics service providers stand by your side to manage orders from a single distribution center through Warehouse Management techniques.

To make you international, FGV Prodata will take any challenge to serve you with top-class services. We offer flexible services to match your every basic need. Our optimized logistic services will make your management of supply chain effortless.