Our Weighbridge System ‘PROWEIGHER’ Officially Meets & Complies with Global Measurement Standard

The Weighbridge System Proweigher by FGV Prodata Systems Sdn Bhd (FGV Prodata) has been recognized and certified as one of the measurement systems in the country that meets and complies with the global measurement standard based on the International System of Units.

The patterns/designs of this Weighbridge System Proweigher have been approved by SIRIM-NMIM (National Metrology Institute of Malaysia) as one of the measuring instruments suitable for trade and other legal purposes and complies with the weights and measures Act 1972.

The whole journey of getting this weighing system certified is about 3-years due to unforeseen circumstances, including the Covid-19 pandemic as well as re-development and updating of the system to meet the SIRIM-NMIM’s requirements. It was finally approved on 18th April 2022 bearing the approval number of ATS-0027-22 and followed by a certificate handover ceremony on 19th May 2022 at The Movenpick Hotel & Convention Hotel in Sepang.

En. Ali Mustafa, Chief Executive Officer of FGV Prodata and Dr. Osman Zakaria, Senior Director of NMIM delivered a welcome address on behalf of each organization at the event.

En Ali Mustafa, in his speech, said that he’s very proud of this achievement and it is a world recognition of FGV Prodata’s in-house product which has been used in all FGV Palm oil mills throughout the nation. This is another great milestone for FGV Prodata and FGV Group as a whole.

The pattern of FGV Prodata’s patented weighbridges system is now internationally recognized and FGV Prodata is more than willing to help any organizations out there in getting the same, added him.

FGV Prodata is committed to adding value and bringing new technologies to the group and its external customers, especially in the realms of industrial revolution 4.0, and continues to transform itself from a systems integrator (SI) company to a technology player in the country.